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The Happy Hoarder Behind Cake and Glitter

The smell of just-blown birthday candles. Finding glitter that came home with you after the party. The way you feel laughing with people you actually like... Cake and Glitter wants  to  encourage you to  live and celebrate graciously, through joyous home decor and accessories. 

And....Being slightly less commercial about it, C&G also provides meaning for the seemingly endless inventory of lace, trimming, beads, and whatnots collected on various trips around the world. 

Cake + Glitter = Instant Happy! 

Despite working too hard for someone else, Woods is a "weekend warrior" to the core--she never met a gala, trip, or pop-up event that she didn't like! Ok, that's a lie. Hence all the crafts. 

After repeatedly being asked where she got her handmade accessories, Woods decided bringing beauty to her head, home, and front door needed to be re-prioritized. Cake and Glitter, was born, sat on for two years, then finally launched!

And yes, two of her favorite things are cake. And glitter. 

How Cake & Glitter Became a Thing

"The day is only as lovely as I make it."
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